Malaysian Movie


Sumolah is Malaysian comedy movie. Ramlee is tricked into fighting in the Malaysian Sushi Association’s Amateur Sumo Wrestling Championship. He is challenged by the vengeful Akira, his love interest’s former lover and main contender to win the prize money. Will Ramlee find the inner strength to face his challenge or will he give up?

The Bird House

The Bird House, a Malay movie, tells a story abput two brothers oppose each other’s attempts to exploit their pre-war (peranakan) style house in Malacca. Huat, the younger brother wants to supplement his income by venturing into the birds’ nest market but he would have to convert the building into a large bird house without …


Mukhsin is a Malaysian movie. It tells a story about children learns about love and friendship. During the school holiday, in the village Orked, ten years old meet Mukhsin who two years older than her. They soon become best friends, play together and even dress alike. Mukhlis likes Orked very much and Mukhlis feels that …