Kyung Sook’s Father

kyung-sook-fatherKyung Sook’s Father / 경숙이 경숙아버지 / Kyung Sook, Kyung Sook’s Father is a Korean family drama, with total 4 episodes. This drama started its life in theater, getting two encore runs thanks to its tremendous popularity and Jo Jae-Hyun’s leading role, but it was peculiar that its TV adaptation ended up being produced by Hong Seok-Gu, he himself one of the most talented alumni of the Dramacity canon. His was the brilliant black comedy 저수지 (Reservoir) from 2007, which is a good appetizer for this, but even those well acquainted with his work will be surprised by this little gem. With Jung Bo-Seok playing an irresponsible, selfish prick of a father leaving his family to save his bacon during the Korean War, and super-talented Shim Eun-Kyung playing his daughter Jo Gyeongsuk, this 4 episode special mixes very dark and wicked comedy with tragedy in such a breezy, eclectic way that you wonder if you’re really watching a Korean TV Drama, particularly considering how polished all this looks. Family love during the Korean War has never been this intelligent. Nor this funny.

Hateful But Once Again

hateful-but-once-againHateful But Once Again / 미워도 다시 한번 / 即使讨厌也要再来一次 / Again My Love. is a Korean romance drama, with total 24 episodes. Lee Min Chul is the Korean male version of Paris Hilton. He meets an ambitious woman and marries her. One of her goals is to become the first lady of their nation. She grooms Min Chul into a successful corporate leader.

Cain and Abel

cain and abelCain and Abel / 카인과 아벨 / 该隐与亚伯 / 닥터 스톱 / Dr. Stop, is a romance action Korean drama, with total 20 episodes. Cho In is a very gifted doctor who has everything that he wants whereas his older brother, Seon Woo, is jealous of all the attention that Cho In receives. Seon Woo blames his brother for taking everything good in his life away from him. Seon Woo blames Cho In for getting their father’s love, getting more recognition as a doctor, and for stealing the woman he loves.

Absolute Boyfriend

absolute-boyfriendZettai Kareshi / 絶対彼氏。/ Absolute Boyfriend is Japanese drama series. With tagline “Kanzen Muketsu no Koibito Robot / The Completely Perfect Boyfriend Robot”, the story is about the Robot maker, Kronos Heaven, that finally develops “Night Tenjo”, the perfect male humanoid programmed to be devoted and completely loyal to his lover. They choose Izawa Riko to take part in a 5-day free trial. At first, Riko only sees Night as a household appliance. Asamoto Soshi, a distinguished young executive at her company, is also has feelings for her. The story is based on manga by Watase Yu.

Water Boys Finale

water-boys-finaleWater Boys Finale / Water Boys 2005夏 / Water Boys 2005 Natsu / Water Boys 2005 Summer is a Japanese mini series. Tanaka Masatoshi is having troubles getting into medical school, something he blames on all the time he spent on synchro two years earlier. While on a research trip to a remote southern island of Japan, he is forced into coaching a newly formed three member boys synchro team. Tanaka has to come to terms with his past and begins questioning his future, while the three boy synchro team dream of life off of the island.

Water Boys Season 2

water-boys-season-2Water Boys 2 / Water Boys Season 2, a Japanese TV series, is about the former all-girl Himeno High School opened its doors to male students, but remains a female-dominated institution with the majority of students being girls. One day Eikichi Mizushima transfers from prestigious Aoba High School in Tokyo where he was a member of the swimming team. While his father is away in New York starting a new business, Eikichi has decided to come to Himeji and live with his grandfather Kamekichi.

Water Boys Season 1

water-boysWater Boys Season 1, a Japanese drama series. Total 11 episodes, the story is about five high-school boys brought fame to a small town in Japan. What was so unique was that they formed a “men’s synchronized swimming club.” Their involvement and struggles while learning synchronized swimming – known to be a sport for girls – brought much attention to their school and town. Two years since that summer, the boys of Tadano High School are still in the club. Water Boys is about how the young boys fight to learn synchronized swimming, fall in love, and enjoy friendship with one another. Written by Hashimoto Hiroshi, music by Sato Naoki.