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Month: March 2008


Kangen is an Indonesian movie about Imel who just moved from Jakarta to Bandung for study. She meets Tian, a boy whom she always become rivalry with. Love slowly grows between them. But Jacky, her ex boyfriend, suddenly comes to Bandung and tries to separate them.


medleyMedley, an Indonesian drama movie. It tells a story about Aditya and Maya, a couple who have trouble in their marriage. Aditya are dissatisfied with his life and believes that his wife is the source of his problems. Then one day, he gets the chance to relive his life.


Enam / En6m / Six, a new Indonesian horror movie. It tells a story about a haunted house. Casey, Eric. David, Bowo, Maya Tian and Novi, the filmmakers, plan to create a horror movie in an old house. But Mr. Su’ud, the housekeeper, has warned them that the house is haunted and they have to respect the house.