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Month: November 2008

Nodame Cantabile

nodame-cantabileNodame Cantabile / のだめカンタービレ is a Japanese drama series. This romantic comedy has total 11 episodes. Based on the hit comic book with the same title by Tomoko Ninomiya, this is a fun-filled quirky romantic story of two very opposite people. The opening song is Symphony No. 7 in A major by Beethoven, and the ending song is Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin. Both are arranged by Hattori Takayuki.

Megumi Noda or Nodame, is an extremely talented pianist who wants to be a kindergarten teacher. She prefers playing by ear rather than reading the music score. She is messy and disorganized, takes baths several days apart and loves to eat, sometimes stealing her friend’s lunchbox when it is filled with delicacies.

I Love You, Don’t Cry


I Love You, Don’t Cry / 사랑해, 울지마 / 我爱你,不要哭 is a Korean drama series. Han Young Min and Min Seo Young were supposed to get engaged but on their engagement day, Young Min’s ex, Jae Hee, dumped their son, Jun, on him. Seo Young broke up with Young Min afterwards. Jo Min Soo, who is jobless, was hired by Young Min to take care of his son because he couldn’t take care of him himself. Young Min is an architect and lectures at a local university in his spare time.