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A Day for an Affair

A Day for an Affair

A Day for an Affair is a Korean movie. It is about two frustrated housewives decide to set off on extramarital affairs, but the experience proves more adventurous than they expect.

Kim Hye-soo
Yun Jin-seo
Lee Jong-hyuk
Lee Min-gi
Park Sang-myun
Park Hyuk-kwon
Hwang Jeong-min
Jeong Eun-pyo (cameo)
Oh Yoon-hong (cameo)

Produced by iFilm
Distributed by Cinema Service
Runtime 103 min
Release date: February 8, 2007

Director: Jang Mun-Il
Producer: Jeong Hun-Tak, Oh Gi-Min
Writer: Jang Mun-Il
Cinematography: Kim Young-Ho
Editor: Kim Yong-Su, Lee Min-Jae
Music: Bang Jun-Seok
Art Director: Kim Hee-Jae
Costume Designer: Go Hee-Jeong
Lighting: Yang Woo-Sang

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