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A Million Treasures

A Million Treasures (MediaCorp) / 百万宝 / Bai Wan Bao is a Singaporean romance drama series. Bai Xingxing (Zoe Tay) is smart and has always done well in her studies. She is steady, driven and dares to take up a challenge. When all her peers are busy with romantic pursuits, Xingxing and her boyfriend Tang Xiyao devote their time and efforts to prepare for their careers after graduation. Xingxing is at the peak of her life – at the young age of 26, she makes her first one million dollars. She sets up franchises, drives a luxury car, and invests in stock and property. (

Total Episodes: 25
Broadcast network: MediaCorp Ch 8
Broadcast period: 2006-Dec-04 to 2007-Jan-05
Air time: Weekdays 21:00 to 22:00
Opening theme song: 百万宝 by 迷路兵
Ending theme song: 千里之外 by 易架齐

Zoe Tay (郑惠玉) as Bai Xingxing 白星星
Li Nan Xing (李南星) as Ma Da 马达
Felicia Chin as Lin Xiaobao 林小宝
Zhang Wen Xiang (张汶祥) as Tang Xiyao 汤喜耀
Kang Cheng Xi (江承熹) as Ma Lu 马路
Pan Ling Ling (潘玲玲) as Zhizhi 芝芝
Priscelia Chan (曾诗梅) as Bai Liangliang 白亮亮
Rayson Tan (陈泰铭) as Hong Dehua 洪德华
Michelle Chong (庄米雪) as Li Shuxian 李淑贤
Candyce Toh (杜蕙甹(杜慧萍)) as Ah Jin 阿金
Brandon Wong (黄炯耀) as Ah Qing 阿青
Liang Tian (梁田) as Steven
Leann Koh (高美琪) as Cat

Theme Song sung by:Mi Lu Bing (competition Superband’s winning team)

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