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Abarenbo Shogun

Abarenbo ShogunAbarenbo Shogun / 暴れん坊将軍 (あばれんぼうしょうぐん)/ Unruly Shogun is a Japanese drama series. Tokugawa Yoshimune is the 8th Shogun of the Tokugawa Shogunate. He continues to have bad people creating havoc within his city of Megumi. With the help of his close associates, Lord Tokugawa is allowed to roam throughout his city, disguised as Tokuda Shinnosuke, an average Joe living within Megumi. By mixing in with the population, Shin-san is able to research issues first-hand. His help include ninjas and the captain of the Megumi fire company. Yoshimune uses the fire company as his base while he’s away from Himeji Castle. The captain of the company, and the oniwaban know his identity, but everyone else in the city are unaware that he is the Shogun. Once Yoshimune solves the crimes, he confronts them. Just about every time, the bad people whip our their samurai swords in an attempt to kill Yoshimune, although most of the time they still don’t know who he REALLY is. Most of the time, Yoshimume flips his samurai sword so that the dull side is out. This way, he can still take his opponents down without making sashimi out of them.

Total Episodes: 831

Matsudaira Ken as Tokugawa Yoshimune
Yokochi Masashi as Tadasuke (original)
Tamura Ryo as Tadasuke (replaced Masashi’s character)
Arishima Ichiro as Kano Gorozaemon
Funakoshi Eiji as Tanokura Magobei (replaced Ichiro’s character)
Kitajima Saburo as Tatsugoro

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