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Ancestral Temple

Ancestral Temple / 大祠堂 / Da Ci Tang is Chinese drama series, is the Chinese version of Dae Jang Geum. The ancestral temple is a family’s sacred place. This is about the life of ordinary Huizhou people, a simple life told in a major drama will have people savoring for years. The director hopes that these stories can enlighten and enrich modern day people.

Total Episodes: 40
Broadcast network: CCTV
Broadcast period: 2007
Air time: Not confirmed

Ruby Lin as Zheng Xiu Yun (鄭秀雲)
Zhao Hong Fei(赵鸿飞) as Xie Zhi cheng (謝致成)
Wang Yu(王雨) as Xie Zhi qing (謝致卿)
Pan Hong(潘虹) as Da Nai Nai (大奶奶)
Gao Ming(高明) as San Ye (三爺)
Zhao Liang(赵亮) as Xiu Cai (秀才)
Yi Zhen(一真) as Xie Ke chang (謝格常)
Wang Mao Lei(王茂蕾) as Xie Zhi xiang (謝致相)
Zhao Na(赵娜) as Li Niang (離娘)
Qi Xiao Xiao(祁潇潇) as Xie Yu fen (謝玉芬)

Production: CCTV, Central Academy of Drama TV & Film Production Center,
Producer: Deng Tao
Director: Yan Jian Gang (阎建钢)
Executive Director: Zhao Li Jun (趙力軍)
Screenwriter: Zhou Kui, Ouyang Qin Shu, Li Yi Bo
Costume Design: Wen Xiao yan
Setting: Huang Shan, Beijing

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