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ArisanArisan! is a drama satire about thirty something life in Cosmopolitan Jakarta. Arisan is the place where they meet and show how steady their lives are, Behind that all they have personal problems they trying to hide. The life goes on until at one point where the friendship of three characters of this story goes beyond their wall.

Sakti, Meimei and Andien seem like having good lives. Sakti and Meimei, they both have a perfect career as an architect and an interior designer, while Andien is busy being a socialite houswife in Jakarta.

People might see them to be happy and having a good life in their thirties. Eventhough that is also what they want to have, the reality is not as good as everybody can see. They are all having problems and conflicts.
Genre : Drama
Release date : –
Runtime : 129 Minutes
Official Website :
Casts : Tora Sudiro, Cut Mini, Aida Nurmala, Surya Saputra, Nico Siahaan, Rachel Maryam,
Director : Nia Dinata
Producer : Afi Shamara, Dina Ponsen, Sari Nirmolo
Writter : Nia Dinata & Joko Anwar

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  1. rika rika

    this movie is one of the best Indonesian movies!A must watch!

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