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Asakusa Fukumaru Ryokan

Asakusa Fukumaru RyokanAsakusa Fukumaru Ryokan is a Japanese drama series where every episode is self-inclusive, set in an old-line inn in Asakusa. It is about Fukumaru Daikichi, the owner of Fukumaru Inn who is played by Nishida Toshiyuki. The inn has been in business for over 60 years, and Daikichi is its third owner. Known as “nosy Dai-san” from people of Asakusa, Daikichi pries into the affairs of others and ends up making matters worse. As social conditions change, his inn business faces difficult situation, but he cannot help but stop being nosy. In each episode, various guest actors/actresses appear to take the key role sometimes as a guest to the inn or as a someone Daikichi meets in the neighborhood area. Exchanges between guest actors/actresses and Dakichi will definitely make the viewers cry and laugh in all episodes.

Title: 浅草ふくまる旅館
Title (romaji): Asakusa Fukumaru Ryokan
Episodes: 11
Broadcast network: TBS
Broadcast period: 2007-Jan-8 to 2007-Mar-19
Air time: Monday 20:00
Theme song: Furusato (フルサト) by Natsukawa Rimi (夏川りみ)

Nishida Toshiyuki as Fukumaru Daikichi
Ishigaki Yuma as Fukumaru Yoshio
Otsuka Chihiro as Fukumaru Miho
Kitagawa Hiromi as Momose Keiko
Sakashita Chiriko as Some Yakko
Tane Rakuko as Sekawa 枝里
Ino Manabu (猪野学) as Seko Ryuuta
Kubota Maki as Tsuneishi Tamako
Watanabe Ikkei as Kazama Toshiharu
Ono Takehiko as Momose Shozo
Kino Hana (木野花) as Fukumaru Hana
Tatsumi Takuro (辰巳琢郎) as Kudo Yukai
Kaku Chikako as Sakaki Noriko

Written by: Yokota Yoshi (横田与志), Mizutani Ryuuji (水谷龍二 ), Hashimoto Izou (橋本以蔵)
Producer: 森下和清, Asano Atsushi (浅野敦也)

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