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Baliw is a Filipino movie, starring Ryan Eigenmann as Angelo Martinez and Joshua Docareza as Michael Fernandez (as Joshua Deocareza).

Director: Redd Ochoa
Genre: Drama

Ryan Eigenmann as Angelo Martinez
Joshua Docareza as Michael Fernandez (as Joshua Deocareza)
Jaime Fabregas as Father William O’ Connor
Joel Torre as Pablo Fernandez
Ces Aldaba as Mang Enteng
Nico Antonio as Teck
Lily Chu as Carla Diaz
Dido De La Paz as PO Ernesto Cabo
Liza Diño as Amelia Fernandez
Perry Escaño as PO Ramil Cruz
Igi Boy Flores as Lito Fernandez (as Igi Flores)
Anton Hernandez as Young Michael Fernandez
Jamieson Lee as Monching dela Cruz
Jose Leveriza as Father Carlo
Lesley Leveriza as Lisa
C.J. Mercado as Phoebe
Karl Moro as Manny Salmon
Renato Ochoa as Doctor Abadesco
Dante Ornedo as Father Rolly
Jerome Ortiz as Ed Reyes
Choy Roldan as Boyet Moreno
Zach Villareal as Young Angelo Martinez

Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino
Company: Redd5Luke Productions

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