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Banjun Drama (2006)

Banjun Drama, or reverse drama, is a series of short stories, usually a different one each episode where the plot reverses in the form of a twist somewhere near the end. There are several stories, each performed by two-all five members of DBSK (Dong Bang Shin Gi). The mini series starts off with the members of DBSK and playing a series of games to determine which roles they are to act as in a later challenge. In the final part of the show, all the members of DBSK must be able to complete a scene of “The Man and King” without any mistakes, given 10 chances. If suceeded, the group are allowed to travel abroad to film their Banjun Drama.

Tokyo Holiday. U-know escapes from his manager who demands all the members to take a days rest. Yunho meets a korean tourguide and seeing that he was quite unfamiliar to Tokyo, he decides to hire and force the girl to take him sight-seeing. Along the way the girl’s father gets into trouble and soon U-know and the rest of the band get involved and saves the day.

Dangerous Love. After a photoshoot in a secluded place, all five band members are told to take rest in the house. Xiah who desperately wants to play his football, drags Max outside to play with him. Bad idea. The pair get hurt and end up staying a house nearby, the girl who “rescues” them hides a secret which stops them from returning home. Back at the house, Micky is in his own world and extremely worried about his lost band-mates, while Jae Joong is anxious about why U-know is being ever so nice to him.

Finding Lost Time. Micky and Sung Min had been good friends since forever until one day they hear a flute playing and they both fall in love with the girl. Upon giving Soo-hyun a song written my micky himself, he sees her giving a special gift to sungmin. He decides to moves away and years later he meets soohyun again who tells him that sungmin is dead. Slowly the story reveals itself.

The Uninvited Guest. Someone has deleted all the DBSK recordings making them have to do it again. Not only this but they also recieve threat letters, get their uniforms torned and U-know also loses his underpants. Together they use the clues and solve the mystery.

Unforgettable Love. While U-know happily goes on a date, Jae Joong, Micky, Max and Xiah talk about their first love involving mystery, humour, tears and danger.
Title: Banjeon Drama
Also known as: Banjun Drama
Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy
Broadcast network: SBS

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