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Bao Dao Shao Nu Cheng Gong Ji

Bao Dao Shao Nu Cheng Gong Ji

Bao Dao Shao Nu Cheng Gong Ji / 寶島少女成功記, Taiwanese comedy romance series, is about a girl’s determination to become a world famous designer. Lin Bo Ying grew up facing many adversities. Of which, her father’s murder impacted her the most. Her optimism and determination enabled her to face any difficult situation with a heart of gold.

Also known as: The Success Story of A Formosa Girl / Success Story of Treasure Island’s Young Girl
Episodes: 70
Broadcast network: CTS
Broadcast period: 2006-Nov-08 to 2007-Feb-13
Air time: Weekdays 20:00 to 21:00
Opening theme song: 天堂(Tian Tang) by Hong Bu Tiao
Ending theme song: 一直(Yi Zhi) by Van Fan

Chen Yi Rong as Lin Bo Ying 林柏英
Van Fan as Yan Zhi Xian 顔志賢
Fang Si Yu (房思瑜) as Lai Jing Wen 賴靖雯
You Shi Jing (游詩璟) as Lin Bo Feng 林柏鳳
Josephine Hsu as Jiang Yu Fen 蔣裕芬
Peter Peng (彭博劭) as Lin Bo Long 林柏龍
Patrick Li (李沛旭) as Zhao Zheng Yan 趙正炎
Fan Hong Xuan (范鴻軒) as Lin You Liang 林佑良
Liu Xiu Wen (劉秀雯) as Liu Jin Zhi 劉金枝
Lin Zai Pei (林在培) as Zhao Zhen Wei 趙振威
Zhang Qiong Zi (張瓊姿) as Lai Bi Xia 賴碧霞
Chen Ruo Ping (陳若萍) as Yang Yu Hua 楊玉華
David Huang (黃建群) as Gu Song Ping 顔松平
Carolyn Chen as Lin Bo Ling 林柏玲

Screenwriter: Huan Zhi Xiang
Producer: Zhao Jin Hu
Director: Feng Xin Hua


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