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Beautiful Sunday

Beautiful Sunday

Beautiful Sunday / 뷰티풀 선데이 is an action thriller Korean movie, starring Park Yong-woo and Nam Goong-min.

Release date: March 29, 2007

Directed by: Jin Kwang-gyo (진광교)
Screenplay by: Jin Kwang-gyo (진광교), Kim Kwon-tae (김권태)

Park Yong-woo (박용우)
Nam Goong-min (남궁민)
Min Ji-hye (민지혜)
Lee Ki-young (이기영)
Kim Dong-ah (김동하)
Kim Eung-soo (김응수)
Oh Jeong-se (오정세)
Yang Tae-do (양태도)
Lee Jae-goo (이재구)
Kim Byeong-wook (김병옥)

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