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Before and After: Plastic Surgery Clinic

Before and After: Plastic Surgery Clinic / 비포 & 애프터 성형외과 / Cosmetic Surgery is a Korean TV series. Soo Han Geon is the young owner of the clinic, which strives to protect his clinic to be borne by moneylenders. He tries his best to save the clinic not when loans are passed on him after his father, sudden death. Choi Yong Woo is a talented physician who joined the clinic to return his thanks to his father Geon Soo. Yong Woo is someone who often gets into arguments with patients who wish to undergo plastic surgery unnecessary. Yoon Ki Nam is the nurse who form a love triangle between the two men. Seo Yoon Jin is the manager who earned his ideal of beauty through plastic surgery.

Total Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2008-Jan-06 to 2008
Air time: Sundays 23:40 (11:40 Korean time)

Lee Jin Wook as Han Geon Soo
So Yi Hyun as as Yoon Ki Nam
Kim Sung Min as Choi Yong Woo
Kim Jung Hwa
Jung Ae Yun as Yoon Seo Jin

Screenwriter: Suh Eun Jung (서은정)
Producer: Kim Min Sik (김민식)

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