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Best Bet

Best Bet

Best Bet is a Hongkong drama TV series. It is about a young master gambler, Hor Yi, who was a very lucky boy since he was young. Hor Yi was gambling since he was 3, his parents did not bother to teach him to stop the gamble. Hor Yi’s childhood friend Sing is one of a casino owner. When Hor Yi and Sing was young, Sing backstabbed Hor Yi for taking a beauty drawing from their teacher after that they are enemies. Hor Yi met a girl named Do Lai Ying (Linda Chung), Lai Ying hated gamblers because her father was a gambler but when she first met Hor Yi she didn’t know he is a gambler. Hor Yi really want Lai Ying has her wife, unfortunaly Lai Ying married him to save his father when Hor Yi was in coma. Hor Yi awaken but Lai Ying requried for her and Hor Yi divorce. But Hor Yi managed to convice her to stay by never gamble again. Can Hor Yi don’t gamble anymore? If he does will he be trading money or his wife?

Title: 迎妻接福 / Best Bet
Episode: 20
Genre: Romance/Drama/Period Comedy/Gambling
Release Date: Febuary 2007

Michael Tse
Linda Chung
Wayne Lai
Anne Heung
Yvonne Lam
Louis Yuen
Stephen Wong
Pierre Ngo
Chan Hoi Yee
Oscar Leung

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