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Betina (2006)

Betina (2006)Betina is an Indonesia drama movie. Betina’s dad was a military, taken by force from his home because of an ideology thing. It was because the book he wrote ‘NKRI Bukan Tuhan’ (The Country is not God) is assumed by government as provocative. This made Betina loose a man figure as her protector. Her mom become mentally depressed, could’t cope with her memory, she always wash and iron her husband’s uniform, believe that one day he will be back. One day Betina find a man that she has been dreaming of. A man who make her fall in love. An undertaker who only shows up when there is a funeral in a hill named Segitiga graveyard.
Genre : Drama
Release date : 16 Agustus 2006
Runtime : 70 menit
Official Website :
Casts : Kinaryosih, Tuti Kirana, Agastya Kandou, Subur SK
Director : Lola Amaria
Written by : BE. Raisuli

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  1. tu yul tu yul

    kok kaya film setan?

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