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Boys of Tomorrow

Boys of Tomorrow

Boys of Tomorrow is a Korean drama movie. Jong-dae and Ki-su are trying to hold onto their dreams as they enter into adulthood. But they find that the world become a difficult place.

Release date: May 17, 2007

Original Title: 우리에게 내일은 없다

YU Ah-In – 유아인 as Jong-dae
KIM Byeong-Seok – 김병석
CHOI Jae-Seong – 최재성
LEE Dong-Ho
KANG Cho-rong
PARK Myeong-Shin – 박명신
KIM Jun-Ki

Director: NOH Dong-seok – 노동석
Producer: SHIN Chang-Gil
scriptwriter: NOH Dong-seok – 노동석
Editor: LEE Jeong-Min, NOH Dong-seok – 노동석
cinematographer: CHO Sang-Yoon

Genre: drama
Runtime: 93 min
Production studio: Youth Films, Generation Blue Films

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