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Burung Burung Kertas (2007)

Burung Burung Kertas (2007)Burung Burung Kertas (Paper Birds) is an Indonesian movie drama. It is a compilation of three stories, from the three points of views of the caracters persuing their dream and hope to reach hapiness. “A friend said, if you make 1000 paper birds, your dream will come true and you will get happiness.”
Jingga (Dewi Lie), funny and innocent, secretly learning to coock for someone she loves. Eros (Deddy Henuk), working hard for someone he loves, and willing to sacrifice his life. Rima (Cindy Gusmala Rusli) patiencely waiting for someone she loves while making 1000 paper birds, wishing they can be together again.
The love of these three characters make them do something. Striving for search of love and hope for the people they love, without caring about what people around them saying. When things go wrong, misunderstandings happen will Jingga, Eros and Rima give up? Or will they still hoping for the miracle of paper birds to happen?
Genre : Drama
Release date : 2007-02-25
Runtime : 106 min
Official Website :
Casts : Dewi Liyanto Lie,Deddy Henuk,Cindy Gusmala Rusli,Fritz Loho,Philip Lauda,Tommy Kurniawan
Director : Cassius Handoyo, Susanto Widjaja,Dinna Jasanti
Writter : Cassius Handoyo, Susanto Widjaja,Dinna Jasanti

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