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Category: Hong Kong TV Series

The Brink of Law

The Brink of Law / 突圍行動 / Dat Wai Hang Dung / Tu Wei Xing Dong is Hong Kong drama Series. The court prosecutes Tong Chi Ko for slander. After reforming his life, he joins a fashion corporation as a legal advisor. He becomes good friends with Tung Yat Jun, the nephew of corporation head Tung Jin Lung. Ko encounters his first love, Tsui Wing, but discovers that her relationship with Lung is a typical. Lung’s wife, Kam Chi, accidentally learns Jun’s life-changing secret and swears to set him into a deathtrap.

Dicey Business

Dicey Business / 賭場風雲 / Do Cheung Fung Wan / Du Chang Feng Yun / Casino Crisis is a Hong Kong drama series. Bobby Yeung plays an upstart talent in the gambling scene who just entered the world poker championships. He was even dubbed the most promising winner in the match. Unfortunately, being just 18, he fell into the ill fate of having a crush on Michael Miu’s girlfriend.

Ten Brothers

Ten Brothers / 十兄弟 / Sap Heng Dei / Shu Hing Di is Hong Kong TV series. Kei Hau Yee is a spoiled wealthy girl. When she eats 10 magical seeds by accident, she gets pregnant. Chan Dai Ha lies that he is the father of her children, but Hau Yee dislikes him. Hau Yee gives birth to 10 strange children, these children become adults in one day, at night. Hau Yee and Dai Ha are scared but later take care of them and treat them like their own children. The couple lose their second and third son by accident and they were brought up by Man Sai Hung, a wealthy man.

The Master of Tai Chi

The Master of Tai Chi / 太极 / Tai Gik is HongKong TV series. The story sets in the early 1900s and stars Vincent Zhao as a lonely orphan, who at an early age, was deserted by his family and was forced to live by himself in a forest, creating extreme hatred and prejudice against others. He learns “tai gik” kung-fu and meets the his best friend, played by Melissa Ng, and also his rival, played by Raymond Lam.

War and Destiny

War and Destiny

亂世佳人 / Luen Sai Gaai Yan / Luan Shi Jia Ren / War and Destiny / Troubled Times is a Hong Kong drama series. In 1937, Manchuria was occupied by Japanese forces. Koo Ping On and a brother-like Tin Hau Yi brought their sick mother to Nanjing. They were looking for Koo Maan Chuen, who owned the biggest rice company in Nanjing. They intended to stay with Koo Maan Chuen, but they are segregated. Follow the Marco Polo Bridge Incident (also known as July 7 incident of china) Nanjing fell to Japanese forces. On was shocked to find out that Yi, with whom she grew up, was actually the son of the Japanese military officer, Chung Tin Ai. She also discovered that Yi, whom she considered to be her fiancé, was actually in love with Tsang Yuet Fung, the fourth wife of her father. Eventually Fung fell in love with Yi. Afterwards, Poon Sai Cheung, who helped the Japanese, “bought” On. She was distraught. In the end, she unexpectedly fell in love with this man whom she had first hated with a passion and believed to be a traitor.

The Price of Greed

The Price of Greed

The Price of Greed is a Hong Kong TV series. It is about Kate, who plays the daughter of a rich guy, falls in love with Sammul. Unfortunately for Kate and her father, Sammul is a conman who is only interested in her money and plans to get rid of her and her father after they get married so he can get at the cash. Bosco plays a police officer, who has a crush on Kate, which is not reciprocated. He is investigating Sammul, but can’t quite get enough evidence to bring him to justice.