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Category: Philippine Movie


Ouija is a Philippine horror movie co-produced by GMA Films and Viva Films starring Judy Ann Santos and Jolina Magdangal, in their first full-length movie together. The story is about a group of young people who finds how dangerous it is to play the ouija board, when a glitch happened.

Happy Hearts

Happy Hearts is a Filipino comedy romance movie. Alvin and Kristine are two young people whose paths cross when he comes back from the States to be closer to his dad, who is estranged from his mom. But his return comes as a surprise to his dad, who wants to keep his real sexual orientation–and relationship with another man–under wraps. As a professor, he wants to keep up appearances because he thinks he will keep his students’ respect that way. How will things blow over when Alvin and Kristine fall deeply in love and decide to elope? Things won’t be easy for any of them with Kristine’s father being the president of the school where Alvin’s father teaches.

The Blossoming Of Maximo Oliveros

The Blossoming Of Maximo Oliveros

The Blossoming Of Maximo Oliveros is a Phillipine comedy movie. Maxi is the youngest child of a widower. Like nearly everyone in their Manila slum, survives outside the legal economic grid by selling stolen cell phones, placing bets, etc. Occasionally teased but mostly accepted as a girl in a boy’s body, super-femme Maxi drops out of school to be a surrogate ‘wife’, cooking, cleaning and fussing over everyone. He falls in love with handsome policeman Victor, who takes him under his wing platonically, although the vibe is near-romantic at times. When Maxi’s friend Boy kills a student during a bungled robbery, Maxi is caught between protecting his kin and Victor.