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Category: Singaporean TV Series

A Million Treasures

A Million Treasures (MediaCorp) / 百万宝 / Bai Wan Bao is a Singaporean romance drama series. Bai Xingxing (Zoe Tay) is smart and has always done well in her studies. She is steady, driven and dares to take up a challenge. When all her peers are busy with romantic pursuits, Xingxing and her boyfriend Tang Xiyao devote their time and efforts to prepare for their careers after graduation. Xingxing is at the peak of her life – at the young age of 26, she makes her first one million dollars. She sets up franchises, drives a luxury car, and invests in stock and property. (

The Peak

The Peak is Singaporean television drama series produced in 2007. Set in Singapore’s offshore, marine and maritime industry, Cai Zhenya is a greenhorn maritine engineer who volunteers to travel to Brazil to work under Fang Hong’an for a super-grade drilling platform(P-52) construction project.

Working under Fang Hong’an, who is nicknamed the Iceman, will not be easy however but Zhenya will not be one to give up without a fight as she sets out fulfill Hong’an’s sometimes impossible demands.

Let It Shine

Ying Huo Chong De Meng / Let It Shine is a Singaporean television drama series produced in 2007.

Title: 萤火虫的梦 / Ying Huo Chong De Meng / Let It Shine
Genre: School
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: MediaCorp Ch 8
Broadcast period: 2007-Jan-16 to 2007-Feb-12
Air time: Weekdays 19:00 to 20:00
Opening theme song: 这就是我们 by Finalists of Campus Superstar