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Cinta Pertama (2006)

Cinta Pertama (2006)Cinta Pertama is an Indonesian drama romance movie. Cinta Pertama tells a story about Abi (Richard Kevin). Days before marriage should be the most happy time. But in that happy time, it was the time when Abi finds out about the true feelings of his fiance, Alia (Bunga Citra Lestari).

After their engangement party, Abi finds Alia unconcious in the terrace, Alia has brain cancer. Since that time, Alia stays coma in the hospital. And when Abi finds Alia’s diary, he finds a big secret about Alia’s love…
Genre : Drama, Romance
Release date : 7 Desember 2006
Casts : Bunga Cipta Lestari, Ben Joshua, Richard Kevin, Ratna Ruchia, Varissa Camelia, Boogie Samudra, Heidy Kandou
Director : Nayato Fio Nuala
Written by : Titien Wattimena

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