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Coklat Stroberi

Coklat Stroberi

Coklat Stroberi is an Indonesian teenage drama comedy. Key and Citra are best friends. They are living together in rented house in Jakarta. They are students with part time jobs. Family financial problems causes Key to fail paying this year’s rent. Mrs. Ratna, the landlady, finally decided to include of her friends’ sons, Nesta and Aldi, to share with Key and Citra in order to help the girls with the rent money. Their presence has brought a new color to Key and Citra’s life. But, Nest and Aldi kept with them a secret.

Release date: June 14, 2007

Marrio Merdhithia as Aldi
Nino Fernandez as Nesta
Nadia Saphira as Key
Marsha Timothy as Citra
Tieke Priatnakusuma as Mrs. Ratna

Written by UPI
Runtime: 100 min

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