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Dali Princess

Dali Princess / 大理公主 / Da Li Gong Zhu is Chinese historical TV series.

On the eve of the 1911 Revolution, a time of troubles, Nan Shan Zhuang owner Duan Muhai is making preparations for the fire festival. With help of Qing government looting people’s wealth, his family lives in extravagance.
Muhai’s favorite is the youngest daughter Ai Yue, a bright and intelligent girl. She is very understanding towards others, but is very clear on the lines of love and hate. Ai Yue is not like other family members always ordering people around, shouting at the servants.
Enmity develops between Ai Yue and servant girl Ah-Xi due to a small matter. Ah-Xi is a silly girl. No matter the time of day, she likes to dance, sing, and have fun. Her singing influenced Ai Yue, and Ai Yue becomes mischievous with Ah-Xi. At the fire/flare festival are two handsome, bright young fellows named Liu Bo En and Long Chulai, the four young people after meeting each other, get along very quickly.

Ai Yue gradually falls for Bo En, but she’s too proud and unwilling to reveal her feelings. Because she is reluctant, Ah-Xi gets the opportunity to be with him. Ah-Xi is passionately in love with Bo En. Long Chulai admires Ai Yue, but because of his ugly looks he keeps it to himself and can only secretly love Ai Yue.
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Broadcast Year: 2007
Number of Episodes: 30
Broadcast network: CCTV
Film Setting: Dali, Yunnan

Ruby Lin as Duan Ai Yue 段艾月
Liu Tao as Ah Ci 阿慈
Xu Seng as Long Chu lai 龍出來
Wang Ban as Liu Bo En 劉伯恩
Fan Zhi Qi as Duan Mu hai 段沐海
Jin Shun Tzu as Zhao Baozhu 趙寶珠
Gao Bao bao as Yan Cha hua 嚴茶花
Tracy as yao ping gong zhu 瑶萍公主

导 演:蒲藤晋(中国香港)
编 剧:蒋 丹 黄 奕

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