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Dancing Lion

Dancing Lion

Dancing Lion (Cantonese) is comedy drama movie. Colleagues, Kai and Kao, are in line to be retrenched at the company they work for. To impress their bosses, they decide to perform a ‘lion dance’ with elaborate ‘special effects’. Due to the lack of rehearsals, they caused an accident that injured their superiors and are terminated from the company immediately. Desperate to get back on their feet, the two come together and perform the ‘lion dance’ on the streets with encouraging response from pedestrians. They soon become well-known and Kai’s sister sets up training classes to earn profit.

As business grows, with pressure to outdo their competitors, Kai and Kao manipulate the traditional ‘lion dance’ for commercial gains with cries of outrage from the public. It becomes worse when they revealed their scheme on national TV and business went downhill afterwards.

With his spirits broken, Kai attempts to commit suicide but is saved by his grand-uncle. He wakes up the next morning on a clean slate and decides to bring dignity back to his name as well as the ‘lion dance’ by learning its true meaning and culture. Now more determined than ever, he suggests a ‘lion dance’ competition between the best teams around. Will he emerge a champion?

Genre: Comedy/Drama
Release: 26 April 2007
Running Time: 1 Hour 35 Minutes

Francis Ng
Anthony Wong
Teresa Mo
TzeChung Lam
KhengHin Cheung

Director: Francis Ng, Marco Mak

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