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Dara (2007)

Dara (2007)Dara (2007) is an Indonesian thriller movie. It is about a beautiful girl name Dara. As an owner and a headchef of a restaurant, she is successfull. The good food of the restaurant make it so famous, also the wonderful personality if her attracts many singles to come back to her restaurant. As a single girl, Dara always invite single men to come to her restaurant and follows with her invitation to her luxurious house. But behind her interesting personality lays something horrible. The secret which is kept from her childhood. These men are the victims of Dara’s horrible personality.
Genre : Thriller
Rilis : 2007-03
Runtime : N/A
Official Website : N/A
Casts : Shareffa Daanish,Mike Muliardo
Directors : Kimo Stamboel, Timothy
Written by : Kimo Stamboel, Timothy

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