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Dead Time: Kala

Dead Time: Kala

Dead Time: Kala is an Indonesian movie. It tells a story about Janus’s worst day in his life. He lost his job as a journalist and his wife left him,because he got serious ill in his brain which makes him fall asleep when he’s in high emotion. Strange things happen when in his sleep he finds something beyond his imagination. Meanwhile his life is in danger because of the subjects of his last stories wants to hurt him.

Release Date : April 19, 2007
Director : Joko Anwar
Written by : Joko Anwar
Fachri Albar
Ario Bayu
Tipi Jabrik
Yose Rizal Manua
August Melasz
Arswendi Nasution
Frans Tumbuan
Rima Melati
Sujiwo Tejo

Movie trailer:
Trailers 1
Trailers 2
Trailers 3

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