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Dendam Pocong (2006)

Dendam Pocong (2006)Dendam Pocong is an Indonesian horror movie about Wisnu, a son of the family. His father, mother and sister put a lot of hope on him. They want him to be successful someday. But all the hope is lost when all the family is slaughted one day in front of Wisnu’s eyes. This tragedy hits Wisnu so much. He begin to see strange sightings, like his sister’s soul in a pocong form.

Wisnu is haunted by these shadows. The sounds inside his head is asking him to find the murderer and take revenge. More often this pocong showed up to him, his hatred grows stronger.

Release date : 26 Oktober 2006
Runtime : 90 Menit
Official Website :
Casts : Kinaryosih, Dwi Sasono
Director : Rudi Soedjarwo
Writter : Monty Tiwa

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