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Diantara Bisikan

Diantara Bisikan

Diantara Bisikan is an Indonesian thriller movie. Reza tells about his past to Damien. The story began with his introduction with Abby. Reza was a good student who has the natural life like the student generally. In the beginning, Reza thought that Abby also like himself, had the natural life. When their relations were increasingly close, Reza must accept the reality that Abby lived in the gangster’s environment that was filled by gambling, alcohol, drugs, the rape, and other violence. However, together with the belief that he received from the gangsters, Reza began to be involved in their action.

Runtime: 120 menit

Rizky Syarif
Nia Inggita as Abi
Bayu Tachrir
Ricky Simandjuntak
Gerry Tumimbouw
Tommy Kurniawan

Director: Rizky Allesa
Producer: Andre Soelistyo
Writer: Andre Soelistyo

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