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Dunia Lain The Movie

Dunia Lain The Movie

Dunia Lain The Movie is an Indonesian horror movie. It tells about a mystery of supernatural people whose killed the producer of Dunia Lain show, Sukron, who hold Courage Test on the village. One of participant named Shinta disappears. An archaeologist from UCLA, Victor Diaz, informs that the murders are connected with supernatural power from ancient Egypt which collecting skin to reinforce his supernatural powers.

Release Date : Jul 27, 2006
Director : Cipta Croft-Cusworth, Golden Kasmara
Writer : Cipta C.C, Nurzukyansyah, D.D. Putranto, Golden Kasmara
Dini Aminarti
Harry Pantja
Ronald Surapradja
Ivan Zay

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