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Ekskul is an Indonesian movie. It is about Joshua, a high school student who is living under pressure, at home and school. Joshua`s parents adopt a very harsh upbringing, there is no tolerance or forgiveness towards their son. One mistake will cause very harsh consequences for Joshua, both physically and mentally. He also received the same treatment at school. Joshua always get physical punishment from his friends because he is considered an outsider. The pressures that Joshua experienced caused him to become very unstable. Until one day, Joshua decided to take hostages some of his school friends. He had to do that since he cannot take it anymore with all their treatments. Joshua took hold of three girls and three boys in the teacher`s lounge: Kattie, Jessica, Emi, Mike, Matius and Jerry. They were considered friends to Joshua one, but Joshua realized that he was a big joke to them.

Release Date : May 18, 2006
Director : Nayato
Writer : Eka D. Sitorus
Staring : VJ Ramon, Metha Yunatra, Sheila Marcia, Indra Brasco, Olga Lydia
Studio : Indika Entertainment

One Comment

  1. Ekskul bgs bgt cz jrng flem2 indö crtain kyk gni,
    plng yg sring jg mslh cinta yg sngt mmbsankan,…
    Jd sya pkr pnts bgt jka dpt pnghrgaan dr ffi
    bwt orng2 yg ska flem2 cnta2an mending bwt trbosan bru agr flem indo lbh maju,.. Jngn maen kritik ja, buang2 wkt gt,.,
    kyl gk da krjaan ja!

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