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Emperor Of the Sea

Emperor Of the SeaKOREAN TV SERIES ” EMPEROR OF THE SEA “, a Korean drama series, is 50 episode based on the Choi In-ho’s novel of the same drama depicts the life of Jang Bo-go, who dominated the sea of the East Asia and international trade during the Unified Shialla Dynasty (676 – 935). Jang Bo-go also eliminated pirates by installing.Cheong-Hae-Jin on Wando,which is a geographically important sea erected the order of the marine trade in East Asia from Dang (China) and Japan to the North China sea. This drama will show historical figure Jang Bo-go growth the emerging as Emperor of the Sea and love and love, and add artificial figures madam Jami and Jeong-hwa to add more spices.

Choi Soo-jong
Chae Si-ra
Song Il-guk

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