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Engagement for Love

Engagement for Love

Engagement for Love / 愛情經紀約 / Ai Qing Jing Ji Yue, a Taiwanese comedy romance TV drama, is about Xing Tian, who known as a blood sucking demon boss in the entertainment industry. In his totalitarian talent agency, the artists are sucked dry and the support staffs are worked to death, at least according to the rumor mill where Tiao Tiao heard it from. A case of kidnapping and mistaken identity turned these two strangers into fast friends. And a strange pair they are: a 40-something year-old high-power talent agency executive and a 20 year-old hotheaded director wannabe.

“Nothing is impossible in the world of 16:9.” ~Tiao Tiao

Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: TTV / SETTV
Broadcast period: 2006-Nov-12 to 2007-Mar-04/ 2006-Nov-18 to 2007-Mar-10
Air time: Sundays 21:30 / Saturdays 21:00
Opening theme song: 迷途 (Mi Tu) by Alex To
Ending theme song: 未完待續 (Wei Wan Dai Xu) by Alex To and Lara

Alex To as Xing Tian 刑天
Lara as Xuan Meng Tiao 宣夢跳
Ambrose Hsu as Zhang Jia Bao 張家寶 / Young
Adriene Lin as Qiao An Na 喬安娜 / Joanna
Genie Zhuo as Zhu Ke Xin 朱可欣
Remus Kam(金沛辰) as Tai Si 太司
Deng Jiu Yun (鄧九雲) as Fang Hua 芳華
Gao Jie (高捷) as Gao Jin Fa 高金發 / Gao Lao Ban
Lu Man Yin (呂曼茵) as Mother Xuan 宣媽
A Liang as Father Xuan 宣爸
Anthony as Xuan Meng Yu 宣夢魚
Zhang Chao Min (張朝閔) as Li Ge 力哥
Xia Tong as Mei Hui
Tang Jia Hao as Lawrence
Wang Juan (王琄) as Aunt Feng 鳳姨
Renzo Liu as Director
Vicky Chen as herself (Episode 1)
Di Zhi Jie (狄志杰) as Elson Wang
Lin Mei Zhen (林美貞) as Elson’s mother

Screenwriter: Zhou Ping Zi / Yi Xun
Producer: Liu Jun Jie / Liao Jian Xin
Director: Liu Jun Jie / Chen Min Zhang


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  1. ling ling

    its a great movie just wondering how was the ending ? anxious about the ending

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