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Exchange Love

Exchange Love

Exchange Love is a Taiwanese TV drama series. The plot revolves around two extremely opposite individuals, a handsome rich yet rude playboy and a hyperactively cunning steamed buns vendor. The two meet at an unexpected encounter and the guy ends up insulting the girl peddler angering the gods. On the other hand, this girl who works 3 odd jobs forever prays to experience the rich life. The gods take action after their fateful cross of destiny and the girl and guy wake up the next morning with their bodies switched. The story proceeds with the two of them trying to adjust on each other’s life as they slowly learn to help each other into getting back to their own physicality. With the guy being betrothed for business matters and the girl still harboring love for her sister’s boyfriend, will they get through it?

Title: 兌換愛 / Dui Huan Ai / Exchange Love , love can never be gone
Broadcast period: 2007

Rainie Yang
Mike He
Carolyn Chen
Chen Shu Xi (陳妍希)
Ju Di (茱蒂)

Producer: Chai Zhi Ping
Production Company: Comic Ritz

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  1. Ocha Ocha

    I love rainie and mike

    do the best for your career

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