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February 29

February 29 is a Korean horror movie. Ji-yeon, a toll-gate staff at the highway, receives a toll ticket from the driver of a black car at 2AM every day when it rains. When the driver pulls down the window to hand over the ticket, she smells something damp and stinky. It’s disgusting as well as strange. She later realises that whenever the black car shows up, there is a murder nearby. The thought sends chills down her spine and she feels horror-stricken when the location of the murders are getting closer and closer to the toll booth where she works. Now it’s another rainy night, the police are all set to arrest the murderer in the black car.

Release Date: 17th May 2007
Language: Korean
Running Time: 91 mins
Rating: U
Genre: Horror

Lee Dae-woo
Lee Myung-jin
Park Eun-hye
Im Hyun-kyung
Im Ho

Directed by: Jung Jong-hoon
Local Distributor: Golden Screen Cinemas

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