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Friend is a Korean movie. The film follows the lives of four childhood friends: Jung-sook, whose father is a powerful gangster; Dong-su, whose father is an undertaker; class clown Jung-ho; and Sang-taek, who was an exemplary student. As children they play together, sell sexual explicit pictures cut from a magazine, and wonder if a Korean Olympic swimmer could outrace a sea turtle. Jung-ho also showed the rest of them a VCR that his mother had, and this film he found on it. It turns out to be a pornographic movie, and the boys are entranced while arguing over what a “menstruation” was, with them believing that it was the word that adults used to describe the “vagina”. Fast forward to high school, where they are reunited after separating during middle school. They become smitten with the lead singer of a band of girls their age. Jung-sook invites the band to a party at his house, where each boy pairs off with one girl (though not after some tension over how to do so). Sang-taek receives his first kiss from the lead singer, Jin-sook.

Directed by Kwak Kyung-taek
Written by Kwak Kyung-taek

Jang Dong-gun
Yu Oh-sung
Seo Tae-wha
Jung Wo-hyun
Kim Bo-kyeong

Release date March 31, 2001 (South Korea)
Running time 118 min.
Language Korean

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