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Goong 2

Title: Goong (Gung) 2
Also known as: Palace 2 / Princess Hours 2 (MBC Global Media) / Imperial Household 2
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: N/A
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: Late 2007 ~ Early 2008
Related Series: Goong , Goong S

Neither MBC or Eight Peaks has confirmed this drama or its casts, yet. Eight Peaks still have legal issues to settle with Group 8 before they can go about planning for Goong 2, if indeed, there is going to be one. Goong (궁) 2 is based on the same titled manhwa by Park So Hee.


  1. charmaine charmaine

    this will be another hit!
    keep up the good work Eight Peaks!!
    Plz kip the original cast!
    love goong 4ever!!!

  2. Ed ed Ed ed

    omg omg omg!!!! i can’t wait ’til dis series coming ouuut!!
    keep the original cast, too!! hohoho

  3. racheal racheal

    R U SERIOS ?!?!?!?!? O_O
    [i was addited to princess hours..lolz]

  4. I hope the princess hours part 2 be realize coz i love the story and the cast at the same time..and i wishing that in its sequel the two leading cast be the king and queens..

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