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Goong S

Goong SGoong S is a Korean drama series. Hoo is a guy who likes to play around but not take responsibilities. One day, after almost being abducted and killed, he learns about his royal blood that was kept from him all of his life. The Empress is thirty, an age beyond what normal people would consider the marrying age, and she is pressurized by the Royal Council to choose an heir to the throne. Jun is the perfectly candidate – his broad knowledge and swift martial arts skills do not describe the depth of his genius, but the Empress does not trust him, for his father is an ambitious man and would do anything to get to the throne. Jun is engaged to the beautiful and talented Sae Ryung, someone who can match him in intelligence and excellence, and her goal is to the First Lady, and allying with Jun is the perfect plan. Once Hoo showed up in the picture, Jun’s father felt threatened and he started to use many dirty tricks to prove to the media and the people that Hoo is not fit for the job, even bringing up the attack on Hoo’s mother, who mysteriously left the palace while pregnant. Hoo is determined to find out the reason and wash clean his mother’s “crimes,” so he has given up everything that is precious in his life to become the proper prince. Hoo gave up his free life, his friends, and most importantly, his love for his childhood friend, who is a maid in the palace, Yang Soon Ae. Soon Ae’s innocence and purity of heart has touched many, including Jun, who has decided to earn her heart at any cost.

With the competition between the princes drawing near, who will be the rightful successor to the throne? Both will be tested in five fields to show their brilliance, will Hoo be able to learn everything in short amount of time? Even if one of them wins, will the palace let them marry a maid?
Title: Goong (Gung) Season S
Also known as: Palace S / Prince Hours / Imperial Household / Goong Special
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Total Episode: 20
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2007-Jan-10 to
Related Series: Goong , Goong 2


Se7en as Lee Hoo (Kang Hoo)
Heo Yi Jae as Yang Soon Ae
Park Shin Hye as Shin Sae Ryung
Kang Doo as Lee Joon
Myung Se Bin as the Queen
Lee Gi Young as Jo Sang Ki
Oh Min Hee as the Queen’s mother
Yoon Ye Hee as Jang Yoon Hee (Lee Joon’s mother)
Chun Ho Jin as Joon’s father
Ha Jae Young as Lee Hoo’s and Queen’s uncle
Cha Hyun Jung as Lee Joon’s bodyguard
Ye Soo Jung as person in charge of Lee Hoo’s education
Song Baek Kyung as Bulbam
Jung Hye Young as Hoo’s mother

Original Work: Manhwa by Park So-hee
Director: Hwang In Roe
Writer: In Eun Ah


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