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Hantu is Indonesian horror movie. Gali had new hobby as the environmentalist. He was planned to berpetualang to the Setra Wingit Lake, a lake in the middle of the forest that had never been touched by the person. He asked his sweetheart, Rinjani, and his three friends: Ray, Sofie and Indra to join.
Initially the trip took place pleasant, but they were startled after knew that Gali did not yet know the location of the Setra Wingit Lake definitely. Strange incident happened when they asked an old grandfather that live in front of the forest, about the location of the Setra Wingit Lake. The grandfather did not give the clear answer. Because it’s already night time, they decided to camp in the forest. However the stir happened the next morning: Rinjani was lost.
Everyone became panic and looked for Rinjani. Rinjani was found in the middle of the forest with the worrying situation and was seen so depressed. Finally they decided to come home for the next day. The plan became messy when in the evening Rinjani disappeared for two times. Would Rinjani be found again? How with fate of four other people?

Release date: 2007-08-09
Official Website :

Oka Antara
Dhea Ananda
Dwi Andhika
Andhika Gumilang
Monique Henry

Director: Adrianto Sinaga
Producer: Chandra Willim
Writer: Adrianto Sinaga, Shafa Wijanarko

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