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Heart of Greed

Heart of Greed / 溏心風暴 is Hong Kong drama series. The story is around an abalone business and the family who manages it. This involves many family problem while people are trying to solve the problem without making any trouble. But the problems are getting worse.

Episodes: 40
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 2007-Apr-09 to 2007-Jul-??
Theme song: by Susanna Kwan
Sub song: by Raymond Lam & Linda Chung

Moses Chan
Bosco Wong
Raymond Lam
Yoyo Mung
Tavia Yeung
Linda Chung
Fala Chen
Carrie Lam
Chris Lai Lok Yi
Lee Sze Ki
Ha Yu
Louis Yuen
Susanna Kwan
Wayne Lai

Producer: Lau Ka Ho
TVB Official Website

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