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I Love You, Don’t Cry


I Love You, Don’t Cry / 사랑해, 울지마 / 我爱你,不要哭 is a Korean drama series. Han Young Min and Min Seo Young were supposed to get engaged but on their engagement day, Young Min’s ex, Jae Hee, dumped their son, Jun, on him. Seo Young broke up with Young Min afterwards. Jo Min Soo, who is jobless, was hired by Young Min to take care of his son because he couldn’t take care of him himself. Young Min is an architect and lectures at a local university in his spare time.

Total Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2008-Nov-17 to 2009-Dec-22
Air time: Mondays to Fridays 20:15
Director: Kim Sa Hyun, Lee Dong Yoon
Screenwriter: Park Jung Ran
Producer: Lee Dae Young
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Jo Family

Lee Yu Ri as Jo Mi Soo
Kim Mi Sook as Moon Soo Ja (Mi Soo’s mother)
Kim Young Jae as Jo Tae Sup (Mi Soo’s older brother)
?? as Kim Hyun Joo (Tae Sup’s wife)
?? as Jo Shin Bi (Tae Sup and Hyun Joo’s 2 years old daughter)
Lee Ah Hyun as Jo Mi Sun (Mi Soo’s older sister)
Park Yoo Sun as Yoon Mi (Mi Sun’s 7 years old daughter)
Kim Chang Sook as Moon Shin Ja (Mi Soo’s aunt)
?? as Yoon Ji (Female, 5 years old)

Han Family

Lee Jung Jin as Han Young Min
Lee Soon Jae as (Young Min’s grandfather)
Kang Boo Ja as Han Young Ok (Young Min’s aunt)
?? as Bae Dae Sung (Young Min’s uncle)
?? as Han Jun (Young Min’s 6 years old son)


Lee Sang Yoon as Jang Hyun Woo
Oh Seung Hyun as Min Seo Young
?? as Yoo In Young (Young Min’s college friend)
Kim Yoo Mi as Jae Hee (Jun’s mother / Young Min’s ex-girlfriend)
?? as Santos (Male, From Nepal, foreigner, laborer)

One Comment

  1. Eugene Yu Eugene Yu

    I was really sad when Hyun Woo and Mi Soo getting divorce. The most sadness that Hyun Woo gave up his beloved wife even he still loved her so much. I hate Hyun Woo’s mother because of her then the two must be seperated. So sad when Hyun Woo and Mi Soo say goodbye at the airport. I feel sorry for both of them.

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