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Jakarta Undercover

Jakarta Undercover
Jakarta Undercover is an Indonesian movie. It is based on the bestselling novel in 2003 by Moamar Emka. The novel exposed Jakarta’s night life. Emka wrote his adventure night after night in Jakarta, from massage parlor which offers sex service to their customer to restaurant which served sashimi on the pretty naked woman. Vikitra (Luna Maya) and Amanda (Fachri Albar) are two sexy and hot female strippers who work in the night club in Jakarta. Even looks sexy with black dresses and dance very well to their customers, Vikitra and Amanda aren’t happy with their lives. The make a living in Jakarta they have to works as striptease dance. Vikitra ran out from Medan after she killed her father (Ray Sahetapy) who always beat his wife (Tutie Kirana). With her sister Ara (Kenshiro Arashi) Vikitra run to Jakarta to start a new life.

Release Date : March 22, 2007
Director : Lance
Writer : Joko Anwar
Casts :
Luna Maya
Lukman Sardi
Fachri Albar

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    mahh menarik2…. bakalan sesukses bukunya gak nih?

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