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Joint Security Area

Joint Security Area / 공동경비구역 JSA is a South Korean film. The story begins a few days after two North Korean soldiers are killed in the DMZ. Due to the fragile relationship between the two Koreas a special investigation is conducted by investigators from the two neutral nations Sweden and Switzerland to ensure that this does not trigger a large conflict. The mission is led by Major Sophie, the first female to go into the border area since 1953. The events that lead to the killing of 2 North Korean Soldiers are then shown throughout the film in a series of flashbacks. Firstly the depositions of each surviving soldier is shown, showing conflicting stories on what happened that night. Major Sophie looks further into the case and discovers that things are not quite as they seem.

Directed by Park Chan-wook
Written by Park Sang-Yeon (novel), Jeong Seong-San, Park Chan-wook, Lee Mu-young

Lee Young Ae – Major Sophie E. Jean
Lee Byung-Hun – Sgt. Lee Soo-hyeok
Song Kang-ho – Sgt. Oh Kyeong-pil
Kim Tae Woo – Nam Sung-shik
Shin Ha-kyun – Jeong Woo-jin

Music by Cho Young-Wook
Release date September 9, 2000 (South Korea)
Running time 108 min.
Language Korean

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