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Kala (2007)

Kala (2007)Kala is an Indonesian thriller movie. It is a story about a police named Eros investigating the death of five men after judged by people. At the same time, a journalist named Janus got narkoleption (this is a condition when the brain nerve suddenly make someone fall asleep when he gets sudden emotional reaction like fear, pain, shock). Janus also investigate the same thing like Eros. By coincidece Janus finds an important secret. Everytime he tells that secret to someone, that person always die. Some people also want to see Janus for the secret. The only one can help is Eros. These two men are destined to something very big.
Genre : Thriller
Release date : 2007-04-19
Runtime : 99 menit
Official Website : N/A
Casts : Fachri Albar, Shanty, Ario Bayu, Fahrani, Tipi Jabrik, Yose Rizal Manua, August Melasz, Arswendi Nasution, Frans Tumbuan, Rima Melati, Sujiwo Tejo
Director : Joko Anwar
Writter : Joko Anwar

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