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KM 14 (2006)

KM 14 (2006)KM 14, an Indonesian thriller movie, tells a story about friendship of seven : Anna, Tasya, Honey, Bella, Ergi Ferdy and Vander. They named their group “Boom Fire!!!” It is because they like to make explotions and firecrackers. Anna is an only child of a rich family. Her best friend ks Tasya. Tasya has sixth sense. She often get a visual of what will happen in the future.
It is Anna’s birthday party, and with all their friends they want to make an explotion of a big firecracker for that party, but the bigger out of their imagination explotion happen, which cause the death of Vander.
Genre : Thriller
Release date : 23 November 2006
Runtime : 92 Menit
Official Website : N/A
Casts : Ardina Rasti, David Blezynski, Dimas Verdy
Director : Denn Hawe
Writter : Khadijah Matsura

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