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Lantai 13

Lantai 13

Lantai 13 (The 13th Floor) is an Indonesian horror movie. Luna was trapped and terrorised on floor 13. Luna received the work call from the 13th floor of a skyscraper building. She did not suppose if evidently the office that called him worked had on floor 13 of the building. The Luna arrival, croaked the floor mystery of the horror. A voice of woman crying in an empty toilet on the floor. All leads to Luna being in danger. Rafael , her boyfriend, trying to rescue her.

Release date: June 7, 2007

Directed by Helfi CH Kardit
Writen by Helfi CH Kardit

Widi Mulia as Luna
Ariyo Wahab as Rafael
Tio Pakusadewo
Virnie Ismail
Lucky Hakim

Website: Lantai 13 @ 21 Cineplex

Trailer Film “Lantai 13”

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