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Lari dari Blora

Lari dari Blora

Lari dari Blora /Runaway from Blora is an Indonesian movie. Cynthia, an American girl who is working in a foreign NGO, visits a village located in the border of Pati and Blora to do her research on the cultural life of Samin in the village. At the same time, two inmates runaway from prison and hide in that village. Meanwhile, the villagers are trapped in the middle of rivalry between Ramadian, a teacher who wants to educate the villagers, and the Village Head, who wants to preserve the tradition. Thus, foreign tourists and researchers alike will come to the village and their arrivals bring quite a decent amount of income to the village. Romance blossoms between the teacher and the researcher. The villagers receive certain consequences from having the two inmates in their land.

Release date: July 12, 2007.

WS Rendra
Ardina Rasti
Annika Kuyper as Cynthia
Soultan Saladin the Village Head
Tina Astari
Iswar Kelana as Ramadian
Nizar Zulmi
Brata Sentosa
Egy Massadiah

Directed by Akhlis Suryapati
Written by Akhlis Suryapati

Website: Lari dari Blora

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