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Lewat Tengah Malam (2007)

Lewat Tengah Malam (2007)Lewat Tengah Malam, an Indonesian horror movie, tells a story about Tara (35), a widow with a girl named Alice, lives in an apartment. In that apartment Alice is terrored by a female ghost. Tara doesn’t believe. One day Alice meets Ramon (17) who is very care about Alice. Their closeness makes Melvi jealous. Melvi asks Ramon to choose between her and Alice.

Alice still continue having terror of the female ghost, while Yoga, Tara’s ex husband also being terrored. That female ghost is turn out to be an ex Yoga’s girlfriend who died because of abortion. A dead body in apartment refrigerator reveals all the mysteries among them all.
Genre : Horror
Release date : 2007 -03-08
Runtime : N/A
Official Website :
Casts : Catherine Wilson, Joanna Alexandra, Andhika Pratama
Director : Koya Pagayo
Writter : Ery Sofid


  1. evit evit

    lg nyari waktu buat ntn, coz ad Andhika Pratama yg ganteng itu c…he…11x. Salah 1 film wajib ditonton…..

  2. fILmnYAh qREn,,sErU,,BQiN TeGaNG,,
    baGuSLaH POkoKNya mAh

  3. oChiE oChiE

    film neh tuh ochr pnya coz bru kali neh film horor ada sedih na,, waktu w nonton sumpah film neh bikin w nguras air mata w sndyry pokok na TWO TUMBS UP dwh bwt koya pagayo….

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