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Long Road to Heaven

Long Road to Heaven

Long Road to Heaven is an Indonesian movie. Hannah Catrelle (Mirrah Foulkes) trapped in the chaos after the explosion occurred. In the middle of the chaos she met with Hajj Ismail (Joshua Pandelaki), a Moslem living in Bali. Through Ismail, Hanna starts to learn the real Islam teaching and slowly her prejudice to Islam fades away. Seven months later, an Australian reporter named Liz Thompson (Raelee Hill) arrived in Bali for a research at the story. She accompanied by Wayan Diya (Alex Komang); a Balinese who lost a relative in the tragedy. During her research she learns Balinese philosophy which is open her mind and enriched her view to better understand about life.

Release Date : January 15, 2007
Director : Enison Sinaro
Writer : Wong Kai Leng, Andy Logam-Tan
Casts :
Alex Komang
Raelee Hills
Mirrah Foulkes
Surya Saputra

Studio : Kalyana Shira Films
Website :

Trailer :

One Comment

  1. Keith Haslam Keith Haslam

    Hi ive been searching the net to find a copy of Long road to heaven and to no avail as of yet ,
    I was in the sari club on the night of october 12 2002 and i would like to see this movie ,
    Can you please help in this matter ,

    Many many thanks to the Indonesian people who looked after my girlfriend and I on that Horrific night ,

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